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Bridle 'Starlet'

Sale price€149,80
Experience the perfect symbiosis of traditional elegance and sparkling innovation with 'Starlet' by Equos Aurora. Designed for riders who value style, comfort, and functionality, 'Starlet' is more than just a bridle – it's an expression of your love for detail and quality. The 'Starshine' browband captures the essence of a clear night, bringing the brilliance of thousands of stars directly to you. Every step your horse takes makes the carefully placed glitter stones shine, creating a spectacular sparkle that catches everyone's eye. The braided noseband combines traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality. Equipped with innovative rings, it allows for the quick and easy attachment and removal of the flash strap – perfect for riders who appreciate flexibility. Crafted from the finest brown English leather, the 'Starlet' bridle stands out for its durability and noble appearance. The soft material ensures a comfortable fit and optimal wearing comfort for your horse. The headpiece has been specially shaped to prevent pressure points and protect your horse's sensitive neck area, ensuring an even distribution of pressure and maximum freedom of movement for your horse. The 'Starlet' bridle by Equos Aurora is the ideal choice for riders who want to provide their horse with not only exceptional comfort but also an unparalleled appearance. With 'Starlet', you make a clear statement in equestrian sports – elegance, quality, and performance in one.
Browband 'Starshine' (Size):
Noseband 'Classic' (Size):
Bridle 'Starlet' Sale price€149,80