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Highest comfort and perfect fit

Bridles & Accessories

We offer a wide selection of saddle accessories, bridles, halters, saddle blankets and much more for your horse. Our products are made from high-quality materials and carefully crafted to offer your horse the highest level of comfort while ensuring an optimal fit.

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Sold outTrense 'Fairytale'Trense 'Fairytale'
Trense 'Fairytale' Sale price€237,70
Sold outGenickstück 'Double Glitz and Glam' inkl. Backenstücke
Browband 'Imperial'Browband 'Imperial'
Browband 'Imperial' Sale price€95,90
Spare Parts for Browband 'Leafy' and 'Bloom'
Browband 'Aurora'Browband 'Aurora'
Browband 'Aurora' Sale price€68,90
Noseband 'Glossy' - PRE ORDER
Sold outBridle 'Violet' - PRE ORDERBridle 'Violet' - PRE ORDER
Bridle 'Violet' - PRE ORDER Sale price€225,70
Noseband 'Mistress' - PRE ORDER
Bridle 'Starlet'
Bridle 'Starlet' Sale price€215,70
Leather Grip Reins 'Simplicity'Leather Grip Reins 'Simplicity'
Brownband 'Starshine'Brownband 'Starshine'
Brownband 'Starshine' Sale price€79,90
Genickstück 'Single'Genickstück 'Single'
Genickstück 'Single' Sale price€69,90
Noseband 'Power'Noseband 'Power'
Noseband 'Power' Sale price€79,90
Bridle 'Treasure'
Bridle 'Treasure' Sale price€211,70
Noseband 'Glitz and Glam'Noseband 'Glitz and Glam'
Noseband 'Glitz and Glam' Sale price€75,90
Noseband 'Rock it'Noseband 'Rock it'
Noseband 'Rock it' Sale price€85,90
Noseband 'Classic'Noseband 'Classic'
Noseband 'Classic' Sale price€69,90
Rope 'Rock it'
Rope 'Rock it' Sale price€14,90
BROWBAND 'MAJESTY' Sale price€64,90
Bitless Bridle 'Raven'
Bitless Bridle 'Raven' Sale price€125,90
Bitless Bridle 'Twinkle'
Bitless Bridle 'Twinkle' Sale price€129,90
Browband 'Power'Browband 'Power'
Browband 'Power' Sale price€59,90
Browband 'Fortuna'
Browband 'Fortuna' Sale price€75,90
Browband 'Bloom'Browband 'Bloom'
Browband 'Bloom' Sale price€85,90
Neckpiece Sale price€65,90
Leather Halter 'Rock it' Leather Halter 'Rock it'
Leather Halter 'Rock it' Sale price€109,90
Bridle 'Viking'Bridle 'Viking'
Bridle 'Viking' Sale price€179,90
Browband 'Royal'Browband 'Royal'
Browband 'Royal' Sale price€89,90
Browband 'Graycie'Browband 'Graycie'
Browband 'Graycie' Sale price€65,90
Equos Aurora VoucherEquos Aurora Voucher
Equos Aurora Voucher Sale priceFrom €10,00
Browband 'Leafy'Browband 'Leafy'
Browband 'Leafy' Sale price€69,90
Rope 'Aurora'Rope 'Aurora'
Rope 'Aurora' Sale price€14,90
Soft Touch Grip Reins 'Diamond'Soft Touch Grip Reins 'Diamond'
Halter 'Glitz and Glam'Halter 'Glitz and Glam'
Halter 'Glitz and Glam' Sale price€44,90
Leather Halter 'Aurora'Leather Halter 'Aurora'
Leather Halter 'Aurora' Sale price€119,90
Super Soft Reins 'Aurora'Super Soft Reins 'Aurora'
Super Soft Reins 'Aurora' Sale price€77,90