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Noseband 'Glossy' - PRE ORDER

Sale price€79,90
Discover the ultimate expression of elegance and functionality. The 'Glossy' combined noseband from Equos Aurora is made from high-quality English leather, known for its durability and pleasant feel. The black patent fabric on the top gives this piece a glossy, striking surface that looks outstanding in any weather and under all conditions. A special feature is the removable flash strap, which gives you the freedom to adjust the bridle to meet your horse's needs and comfort. This flexibility is particularly useful for accommodating the various stages of training and your horse's individual preferences. The design is completed with high-quality, black fittings that not only provide an appealing look but also add extra durability and safety. The 'Glossy' noseband offers a perfect combination of beauty, comfort, and practicality, taking your equestrian sport to a new level. Compatible with our headpiece.
Noseband 'Glossy' - PRE ORDER
Noseband 'Glossy' - PRE ORDER Sale price€79,90