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Stirrups 'Flex'

Sale price€149,90
The innovative 90-degree twist of the eyelet revolutionizes the way riders pick up the stirrup – a simple yet effective improvement that is particularly popular in Icelandic horse sports. This innovation supports an ergonomic, firm leg position on the horse, noticeably enhancing the unity between rider and horse. In the event of a fall, the 'Flex' stirrup's movable system comes into play, allowing for quick release of the foot and thus minimizing the risk of getting caught in the stirrup. Furthermore, the joint supports the natural movement of the foot during riding and dynamically adapts. The black rubber coating also provides optimal protection against unwanted chipping of the paint when touching arena barriers or fences. The black stirrup is finished with an elegant logo engraving, which not only emphasizes brand identity but also adds a touch of exclusivity. A sparkling glitter stone on the front of the stirrup is a must-have for Equos Aurora. It adds a sophisticated, aesthetic note that delights the eye and completes the design. These details make the stirrup not only a functional riding accessory but also a stylish accessory.
Stirrups 'Flex'
Stirrups 'Flex' Sale price€149,90